(Ask me about this ANYTIME, I will blog it one day)

The birth being documented by someone other than my spouse, allowed him to be fully present instead of trying to capture moments on a cellphone.
He even got to catch our 3rd earth side baby!
Her perspective truly helped me heal. I studied that gallery for clues, for answers.
I am forever grateful to my friend Sally at Rayne or Shine Photography.

A few other reasons that I am so passionate about birth photography:
You get an extra hand to hold, an advocate, an empath who will most certainly be sending all the good waves your way.
You get a storyteller who is able to catch all the details of your birth.
Cheering you on is so natural to me as an extravert.
If my friends group were tacos... I'm a mix between the hot sauce or the shell because I keep everyone together, wrapped in a warm hug.

There is nothing more important than you feeling supported, listened to and respected.

Let’s be Friends on the ‘Gram

Can I be honest?

I'm going to cry happy tears.
Nothing is more powerful, and you are worthy.

During the birth of my 3rd child,
I almost died.

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