Nicolette and Rylee | Engagement Session

January 1st, 2022

These two lovebirds are getting married a few short months at Sparrow Lane Events near Edmonton.

Rylee and I go way back to the early 2010’s, when I met my husband. He was dreaming of being a firefighter and was volunteering at a Ukrainian Church Camp at Pigeon Lake. When I started helping out, one of the older kids, Rylee, was already one of us. Smart, funny, athletic, and also had dreams of being in Emergency Services like my husband and I. A few years later, he did it. He worked his butt off and is now a full time firefighter. Normally, I try not to brag about the whole firefighting thing, but I wanted to give a bit of a backstory as to why on earth I would put rings on a smokey log and how we got such GLORIOUS fire for their campfire.

HINT: Firefighters always start out as Pyros. Hahah jk

Before you head over to these gorgeous images, I just want everyone to know that this girl, has got it all. She is beautiful inside and out. Every time I’m around her, I feel better. She literally lights peoples souls up and it seems just so easy for her. The only word I can think of to describe her, is magnetic. Everyone wants to be around her. When I posted a few of their sneak peaks from the proposal last fall, I had people come out and say how much they love her, and again when I posted these, I had more people say how amazing and warm, and nice she is. Can’t forget to mention that my 4 year old daughter, Blake, is BEYOND obsessed with her. HahahSo here’s to you Nicolette. I can’t wait for all of us to make you feel this way on your wedding day. Full of love, (like Derek says “ALL THE WAY TO THE ROOF”)

I know that your lives are going to continue be filled with love and laughter, just like these photos are.

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